San Francisco after the great fire following the 1906 earthquake. George Lawrence’s panorama camera produced a mammoth negative of 18 x 48 inches and was raised 2,OOO feet over the bay by his “Captive Airship”.


A diagrammatic representation of the “Captive Airship” being flown from a ship. The parts indicated are as follows: s, spreader rod to keep kite clear of the main line; g, the long booms extending 15 feet out from the base of the camera cradle; h, small lead weights of several ounces at the end of each boom; i, 120-foot long silk cords; j, the three-pound lead weight; o and p, a line and pulley to keep j from dragging in the water on launch and retrieval; and r, the winch.

Diagrams and details after the report by Lieutenant L. H. Chandler, U.S. National Archives.


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